FA+ is the cover name used for various projects done by artists Ingrid Falk (born in Stockholm) and Gustavo Aguerre (born in Buenos Aires) in collaboration. The + stays for other participants that changes from project to project. FA+ is based in Stockholm.
A Catalogue System
We add the first letter of the other participants surname to the group’s name, forming constellations like FAWE, FAWPM, FALL, FAKP; subtitles for cataloguing the works. An important part of FA+ strategy is the flexibility in front of each project; the concepts, the people we work with, the places, the materials etc, are always open to change. We try to avoid being prisoners of any dogma – even ours.
“Minor” works, like collaboration in low impact shows, furniture and cloths design, design of magazine’s covers, posters for events or music groups, etcetera, are not in the list to reduce it’s length and make it less tedious.
The Artists
Gustavo Aguerre & Ingrid Falk


The Honorary Prize of the City of Stockholm
If the value of art and artists is judged based upon the degree of the ability to communicate and the power to inspire, then FA+ are in the heavyweight class.
In their art projects and as tutors for young artists FA+ has left a warm impression on the life of art here on our northern latitudes, for a long period of time. They have in words and action taught us that art is the same as taking responsibility for the society in which we live, the sunny side as well as the dark side.
Övre Norrlands Big Architect Price för 2014 (with White Architects) for Umeås underground passage Lev!

Moderna Museet Stockholm
Malmö Art Museum, Malmo
MAMBA, Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum, Argentina
Museo de Bellas Artes, National Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Centro de arte Wifredo Lam, Havanna, Cuba
Graz Stadshus Museum, Graz, Austria
Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in der Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
(Gustavo) MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

FA+ Works [Curatorials works and Lectures below]
Catalogue # Name Description Place / Date Participants
FAM 113 Moberg Outdoors installation, work in progress as part of The Universal Library, public commission by Emmaboda kommun Emmaboda 2017 – 2018 FA+ Moberg
FAA 112 Alfhild Agrells Proposal for Alfhild Agrells plats, comissioned by Härnösands kommun Härnösand December 2017 FA+ Agrell
FAI 111 FA+ Studiobar Vårfest introducing Moros y Cristianos, photo show, June 11

UFO’s Over Mallorca – Gustavo, film and photo show with a lecture October 08

Rummet som determinerar oss – FA+ introducing István Borbás, film and photo show with a lecture October 17

Recovered Saudades – Gustavo, photo show and a lecture November 18

En bild om dagen – Ingrid, drawings and paintings show with a lecture December 9

Art for Sale – FA+, objects photo and installation December 16

Kaliningrad Taken Over – FA+, film and photo show with lecture February 18

Stockholm 2017 – 2018 FA+ Itsván Borbás
FA 110 The Book Off The Memory Artist book, NY Art Book Fair at MoMA/PS1 New York September 2017 Gustavo / FA+
FA 109 RunawayZebra Street intervention Stockholm August 2017 FA+
FA 108 Habana Gold Revisited Photo exhibition at SKF Showroom at Konstnärshuset Stockholm May – June 2017 FA+
FA 107 Moros y Cristianos Photo exhibition at SKF Showroom at Konstnärshuset Stockholm September 2016 FA+
FA 106 BE MY GUEST 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale – Event send live from FA+ Studio Autumn 2016 FA+ 32 other artists/locations
FAD 105 Dagerman Proposal – Outdoors installations with quotations of author Stig Dagerman; part of  The Universal LIbrary comissioned by  Älvkarleby kommun och Älvkarleby hus, ongoing Älvkarlby 2016 FA+ Dagerman
FA 104 Vällingbymodellen Proposal – Various installations and green houses, comissioned by  Stockholm Art – Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern Vällingby, public instalations  + social interactivity Stockholm/Vällingby 2016 FA+
FA 103 Cenakel #1 #2 #3 Dinners with brainstorming – Crossover meetings with reserchers, profesors and artists to elaborate projects ideas november 2014 / January 2015 / March 2015 FA+ 20 other participants
FA 102 IMAGO MUNDI SHENGEN TOURS – Tirana 2001/Venezia 2015. Art work for Luciano Benetton’s International Art Archive of the most relevants artists in every country ot the world. Curated by Paula von Seth for the Swedish edition. Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio, Venice Bienalle. Venice, August-October 2015 FA+Benetton
FA+ES3B 101 Sara Lidman in Gold and giving the gold back to Rönnskärsverken Street intervention with the participation of the students of ES3B school in Skellefteå. Gold painted cuotations of Sara Lidman and gilded elements in the streets of Skellefteå, film and text installations at the Art Hall and at Rönnskärsverken Skellefteå, Sweden, June-August 2015 FA+ES3B
FA 100 SKELLEFTEÅ GOLD TOWN REVISITED A retrospective show + a couple of new works at Skellefteå Art Hall, Sweden. Curated by Anna-Karin Larson. Skellefteå, Sweden, June-August 2015 FA+ ..
FA 99 Växjö Citat Fas 3 Six new authors in Kloster street and the final asset to the project with a total of 11 writers, the widest in The Universal Library. In collaboration with the Art Museum and the City of Växjö. Växjö, Sweden, November 2014 FA+ ..
FAK 98 Kierkegaard citat A new and last quotation of Kierkegaard at the Frau Church. In Collaboration with The Kierkegaard Institute. Part of The Universal Library. Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark. September 2014 FA+ Kierkegaard
FA 97 KONST PÅ RIKTIGT European premiere of the film KONST PÅ RIKTIGT about 30 years of FA+ Art, directed by Tomasz Drabik, 58 minutes, Sweden, 2014. At Moderna Museet. Artist talk with Ingrid and Gustavo. in Swedish With English subs.

June 2014 Stockholm FA+
FA 96 ARTE DE VERDAD Caribean premiere of the film ARTE DE VERDAD about 30 years of FA+ Art, directed by Tomasz Drabik, 58 minutes, Sweden, 2014. At Instituto Wifredo Lam. Talk with the audience by Gustavo. The video, with Spanish subs.

May 2014. Havana, Cuba FA+
FA 95 Habana Gold Revisited Photo and video installation for the exhibition “Thirty Years of The Havana Biennial – The most remarkable works” for the 12th Havana Biennial. Premiere for the video “Habana Gold”, FA+ 2014. The installation belongs now the the collection of The Wifredo Lam Institute, Havana, Cuba. May 2014. Havana, Cuba FA+
FA 94 ARTE DE VERDAD International premiere of the film ARTE DE VERDAD about 30 years of FA+ Art, directed by Tomasz Drabik, 58 minutes, Sweden, 2014. At Palais de Glace -Palacio Nacional de las Artes- and a talk with the audience by Gustavo. The video, with Spanish subs.

March 18 2014 at Buenos Aires, Argentina FA+
FAK 93 Kafka in Prague Quotations of Franz Kafka in various locations in Prague Check Republic, in collaboration with The Kafka Institute. Part of The Universal Library – Work in progress Work in progress. Start July 2012… FA+ Kafka
FAB 92 J. L. Borges en Plaza San Martín Quotations of Jorge Luis Borges in San Martín Square in Buenos Aires. With the cooperation of María Kodama and the Borges Institute, Valeria Keller in the production and the Government of the Autonomic City of Buenos Aires. Part of The Universal Library – Work in progress Work in progress. Start March 2012… FA+ Borges
FAK 91 Kierkegaard citat Quotations of the author and philosopher Sören Kierkegaard in different locations of Copenhagen, Denmark. In Collaboration with The Kierkegaard Institute. Part of The Universal Library – Work in progress Copenhagen, May 2014 FA+ Kierkegaard
FA.. 90 Växjö Citat Fas 2 Three new authors to be installed in stainless steel in a central street of Växjö City. In collaboration with the Art Museum and the City of Växjö. Part of The Universal Library – Work in progress Växjö, 2014 FA+….
FADH 89 Konst på riktigt! Production of the film Art for real! together with the film-maker Tomasz Drabik and the composer Carl Michael Herlöfsson, with support of The Arts Council of Sweden Stockholm, 2014 FA+ Drabik & Herlöfsson
FAARIA 88 A reason to go out from home. Photo and Magazine #3 at MAAM Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz, Roma. Organized by A.R.I.A. underground. Roma, Italy, December 2012
FAL 87 Lev! (Live!) Gigantic installation in the memory of the author Sara Lidman in the New Central Station of Umeå City, North Sweden. The installation have: A 170 m. long and 700 sqm. large glass wall whit a photo collage and quotations printed and lighten from inside. A five meters high stainless steel sign with the word Lev!. A quotation in Braille in wood. 33 quotations of Sara Lidman in stainless steel and concrete installed in the bicycle way. A sound collage. The word Lev! as a sculptural bench. In collaboration with The Sara Lidman Society, White Architects, The City and Traffic Authorities Umeå, January 2010 – November 2012 FA+ Sara Lidman
FAAFB 86 In Memoriam II Twin work of In Memoriam I but with it’s own Europe and USA Tour timetable.

Münster, Germany, May / Oslo, Norway, September / Madison, USA, October / Heidelberg, Germany, October-November / Ghent, Belgium, November-December / Groningen, The Netherlands, December 2012

Petrozavodsk, Russia, April 2012/


FA+ Aguerre Falk & Björkegren
FAARIA 85 Red Photo and Magazine. Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma. Organized by A.R.I.A. underground. Rome, Italy, April 2012 FA+ A.R.I.A.
FAAFB 84 In Memoriam I Multimedia installation for the Swedish Institute with a video from Ainoa Aguerre Falk and Måns Björkegren; On Tour trough Europe and China 2012.

Marseille, France, June / Orhid, Macedonia, July-August / Beijing, China, August-September / Budapest, Hungary, September / Paris, France, September / London, England, October / Riga, Latvia, November / Hamburg, Germany, December 2012

Minsk, Belarus, May 2012/



FA+ Aguerre Falk & Björkegren
FAAFB 83 In Memoriam Multimedia installation for the Swedish Institute with a video from Ainoa Aguerre Falk and Måns Björkegren. At The Strindberg Museum Stockholm, December 2011 FA+ Aguerre Falk & Björkegren
FAMWL 82 Växjö Citat Fas 1 Installation of quotations from Vilhelm Moberg, Elin Wägner and Pär Lagerkvist in a central street in Växjö city, Sweden. In collaboration with the Art Museum and the City of Växjö. Part of The Universal Library Växjö, November 2011 FA+ Moberg, Wägner & Lagerkvist
FA 81 Some Works of Art Book Release about the work of FA+ – various authors and photographers, at FA+ Study Stockholm, February 2011 FA+
FA 80 Conversation Pieces Photo and objects installation at V.art09 International Art fair – New Art Platform. Värnamo, Sweden – September 2009 FA+
FAL 79 Lagerlöf Citat Permanent installation of Selma Lagerlöf quotation in the central street of Falun city. Part of The Universal Library Falun, Sweden – July 2009 FA+ Selma Lagerlöf
FAN 78 Word’s war Photo and manipulated street signs installation – Stockholm’s Poetry Festival, 00tal Magazine. The Royal Dramatic Theatre. Stockholm, Sweden – November 2008 FA+ Norén
FA+++ 77 Blatte de Luxe 08 The third edition of the Gala (see FA…68 + FA…72) with a new constellation of artists and winners. Now again possible only thanks the help of plenty of friends. Stockholm – July 2008 FA+ TSB, Sam Carlkquist and many, many others
FA 76 Myosotis sylvatica Photo – Project for a memorial of the concentration camp at Aflenz bei Leibnitz, Austria at the Künstlerhaus Graz. Curated by Werner Fenz, Evelyn Kraus, Birgit Kulterer – Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark Graz, Austria – June – August 2008 FA+
FA 75 Resistance Web animation – for Urban Jealousy – The 1st  International Roaming Biennial of Tehran. Curated by Serhat  Koksal and Amirali Ghasemi. Istanbul, Turkey –
30th May – 6th July 2008
FA 74 On War New works – 10 diptychs (photo + object) and three sculptures at Gävle Konstcentrum and Seminary On War. Gävle, Sweden – April – May 2008 FA+
FAA 73 into death so loved. A new site-specific work. Hair on water, in the Falun’s stream between the Falun and Klabb bridges for Duplicate 07 – Falun’s Triennial of Grafic Art. Curated by Åsa Andersson Broms. Part of The Universal Library Falun, Sweden – August – September 2007 FA+ Georg Adlersparre
FA+++ 72 Blatte de Luxe 07 The second edition of the Gala (see FA…68) with a new constellation of artists and winners. Now again possible only thanks the help of plenty of friends. Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, July 2007 FA+ TSB, Sam Carlkquist and many, many others
FA 71 Communion Photo and paper installation for The Philosophical Brothel, curated by Raphael Vella at St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity Valletta, Malta – May – June 2007 FA+
FA+++ 70 smitta.doc Video and objects installation, documentation of the project Smitta for the permanent collection of Malmö Art Museum. Collection 1995-2007 Malmö, March – April 2007 FA+ all the participants of the project Smitta
FA 69 Opening – Louise Bourgeois at the Reina Sofía Art Center, Madrid Photo Installation for RELATIONS Curated by Dror Feiler & Gunilla Sköld Feiler at the new art space TEGEN 2 Stockholm, September – October 2006 FA+
FA+++ 68 Blatte de Luxe Creation of a new brand and a clothes collection + an Awards Gala with 6 hours of music, sketches and rewards + a homepage where the Stockholm people voted their 10 favourite “Blatte” (immigrant) who were priced as “de Luxe” during the evening. The Awards Gala was an open air, free show possible only because the great support of Sam Carlkquist / Kungsträdgården AB + all the artist and assistants who participated. Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, July 2006 FA+ Red Line Crew, P. Sobrado, Sam Carlkquist/ Kungsträdgården and many, many others
FA 67 Far From A Deceitful World FA+Norén / The Art of Survival – Kaukana Kavala Mailmaa – Saarijärvi Musuem. Curated by Torun Ekstrand Jyväskylä, Finland, June – October 2006 FA+
FAH 66 Habana Gold Street intervention in La Habana Vieja in Cuba, for The 9th International Art Biennial of Havana. Application of gold leaves to the lowest street elements (sewers, drainage’s, water pipes, wastebasket, etcetera) along San Ignacio street (700 meters) from Plaza de la Catedral to Plaza Vieja Havana, March -April 2006 FA+ a dozen of Havana citizens
FAIO 65 Ibsen Sitat Installation of the first four (of 80) permanent quotations of Henrik Ibsen in Karl Johan street in the central Oslo, Norway – Work in progress to be finished 2007- Stainless steel on granite. 1st and 2nd phase. Part of The Universal Library Oslo, November 2005 – October 2006 FA+ Ibsen + Oslo citizens
FAH 64 L’Art de Triomphe – Barcelona Arch with containers and a soundtrack composed by Carl Michael Herlöfsson in the new port of the city, for Interferencia curate by Juan Eduardo Lopes and Marató at the Port Nou Barcelona, July 2005 FA+ Herlöfsson
FA 63 Zitat – Kant on Water  A quotation of Immanuel Kant in Russian and German made in styrofoam and placed in the river beside the cathedral where he is buried. For The National Center of Contemporary Art. Part of The Universal Library  Kaliningrad, July 2005  FA+ Immanuel Kant
FAM 62 Vestiges A video and objects installation with a soundtrack by Membranoid. Part of the project Kaliningrad Taken Over for opening of The National Center of Contemporary Art curated by Elena Tsetaeva  Kaliningrad, July 2005  FA+
FAM 61 Kaliningrad Taken Over A photo book/art object with a short story by Gustavo Aguerre and a soundtrack by Membranoid (Danil Akimov) presented at The National Center of Contemporary Art  Kaliningrad – Stockholm 2003/2005  FA+ Membranoid
FA 60 The Mythical Foundation of Kaliningrad  A suite of six photo collages including text, a part of the project Kaliningrad Taken Over for the Art Guide of Kaliningrad, curate by Elena Tsetaeva and produced by The National Center of Contemporary Art curate by Julia Bardoun Kaliningrad, June 2005 FA+
FA 59 Black Days and White Nights

The Art of Survival

Installation as a chess game whit objects with the museum’s collection at the Blekinge Museum + the photo seriesThe Art of Survival at Karlskrona Konsthall for Safe, curate by Torum Ekstrand Karlskrona, June – August 2005  FA+
FA 58 A Cadavere’s Note Book The history of Il Cadavere Squisito, text and pictures installation, for AbraCadaver! The 2004 Paperveins Museum of Art Biennial. Curate by Kóan Jeff Baysa and Virgil Wong. New York, November – December 2004 FA+
FAN 57 FA+Norén/KRIG Street installation of traffic signs with text of the author Lars Norén – curate by Magdalena Smidova, Forum for the Living History and Riksteatern. Part of The Universal Library Lund, Linköping, Umeå, Botkyrka and Stockholm, Sweden September-December 2004 FA+ Norén
FA 56 I was just about

Pax Securitas 2

Outdoor fence’s installation and indoor surveillance cameras installation for Sophienholm C/O at Sophienhom Art Museum curate by Miguel Vega Olivares, Veo Friis Jespersen, Copenhagen September – October 2004 FA+
FATLK 55 FA+TLK 5 full-sized figures in silicon, Modern Art Museum, “Svenska Hjärtan” curators Charlotte Bydler, Rodrigo Mallea Lira, Magdalena Malm. Stockholm June-August 2004 FA+ The Latin Kings
FADHS 54 L’Art de Triomphe – Den Haag Recreation of the arch with containers for Den Haag Sculptuur Giants, curator Marie Jeanne de Rooij Den Haag, Holland June-Sep 2004 FA+ Den Haag Sculptuur
FAABBC… 53 SIKB (r) Creators and curators of South’s International Art Biennial, group show in the public space of Södermalm neighborhood with (r) as theme. Stockholm . September 2003. FA+ 52 artists
FA 52  Schengen Tours :: The Large wave + The End of The Sublime + The influence of J.P. 4 installations for Ideologuia 2 – 2nd Nordic Art Biennial at Alingsås Art Museum and Röda Sten Art Space Gothenburg, May-August 2003. FA+
FA 51 Schengen Tours Expanded Expanded from BildMuseet as a large installation. Curate by Maria Fridh at Maritime Museum Stockholm , April-August 2003. FA+
FA 50 Virgin With Horns Outdoor installation with colour photograph 120 x 180 cm. for SIGHT.SEEING, 4th Austrian Triennial on Photography, curate by Werner Fenz and Sandra Abrams Graz, Austria, January 2003 FA+
FA 49 Family Portraits Wall installation – Petri-dishes, bacteria, hairs, dust, fibre, papers and glue on poly-carbonate; for the 2nd Buenos Aires International Art Biennial, curate by Jorge Glusberg at the National Museum of Fine Arts Buenos Aires , Nov. / Dec. 2002 FA+
FA 48 The Influence of Jackson Pollok in The Israeli Army  Photo-print for the show Limes, curate by Ximena Narea, Lunds Fotogalleri, Lund, Sweden and Umé Glokal 9.11, Art Magazine – Special Edition, Lund / Umeå, September 2002 FA+
FA 47 Art Storm Outdoors photo installation in public publicity spaces and art institutions in 5 cities of Scandinavia. Norway – Stavanger – Stavanger Kulturhus – July 2002. Island – Reykjavik – The Reykjavik Artmuseum – July 2002. Finland – Tampere – Kulttuuritalo Telakka – July 2002. Denmark – Odense – Brandts Kloedefabrik – July 2002 Malmö Konsthall Malmö, Sweden, July 2002. FA+
FA 46 Healing Time Outdoors installation whit hospital bed-frames and figures burned in the grass for BELEF, Belgrade’s Summer Art Event/Land Art. Curate by punktum art experiment, Snezana Skoko and Dragana Marcovich. Belgrade, Serbia, July – August 2002. FA+
FA 45 Schengen Tours 2- BildMuseet An extended version from Tirana with video, mixed media installation and container, for Transfer curate by Jan-Erik Lundström at BildMuseet Umeå, Sep 2001-Jan 2002 FA+
FA 44 Schengen Tours 1 – Tirana Installation with photos, logos, model and t-shirts for 1st Art Biennial of Tirana, for Killing me softly curated by Jan-Erik Lundström. Tirana, Albania, Sep-Oct 2001 FA+
FA 43 The Other Dead Installation with photos and a sculpture with sacramental wafers for Ideologia 1 Nordic Art Biennial 01 at Röda Sten Art Space, curate by Jonas Stampe. Gothenburg, June – September 2001 FA+
FA 42 Trans//Form1

Trans//Form 2

Trans//Form 3

Trans//Form 4

Trans//Form 5

“The Art of Survival” Photo-suite of Swedish families in arms on tour Konstnärshuset, Stockholm , June 2001

Sternersenmuseet, Oslo , Norway – July 2001.

Gallery Overgarden , Copenhagen, Denmark. Dec 2001 – Jan 2002.

Narva Muuseum, Kunsti Galeri, Narva , Estonia . May – July 2002.

Latvia’s Gallery. Riga, Latvia. August – September 2002.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia – June 2001, September 2002 FA+
FAA 41 Contra-Natura Installation with food-plants in war, mixed media and a sound piece by Tem-Tupac Aguerre at Edsvik Art-space, curate by Maria Fridh Stockholm, May-July 2001 FA+ Tem-Tupac Aguerre
FA 40 The Toaster

Pax Securitas

A 5,5 X 5 meter wall-installation with toasted bread and Pax securitas an installation with surveillance-cameras and monitors.
1:st International Art Biennial, Buenos Aires, at Museo Bellas Artes, curate by Jorge Glusberg.
Buenos Aires Dec 2000-January 2001 FA+
FAZA 39 The End of Capitalism Part II (The Ship of Fools) A video, sound and mixed media -installation at Modern Art Museum, curate by Fylkingen. Stockholm, Aug-Sep 2001 FA+ Zacrisson & Tem-Tupac Aguerre
FA 38 The Memory of Marnay-Sur-Seine Photo and Video-installations and mixed media, produced in CAMAC Art Centre, exhibited in CAMAC and Centre Culturel Suédois. Paris, May 2000 FA+
FA 37 Reliquias 2 Installation for Galleria Milano at ARCO Art Fair in Madrid Madrid February 2000 FA+
FAB 36 Triple Chris A 10 min TV-program for national TV1/ Bildjournalen, designed like a future Art program were FA+ appears like 2 clones of the programs host Christoffer Barnekow. Sweden TV1, December 1999 FA+ Barnekow
FA 35 The Dinner and The Toaster A Dinner Event and Video-installation and a 7 X 4 meter mosaic done with toasts at Galleria Milano. Milano, October-November 1999 FA+
FA 34 Hand with Fork Installation for Galleria Milano at Athens Art-fair. Curate by Carla Rocca-Pellegrini. Athens, Greece September 1999 FA+
FAO… 33 Contagious // Lunch Live A Dinner Event and Video-installation and a Seminar in the Italian Pavilion, at the Oreste Project, curate by Harald Zeeman. Venice Biennial, July 1999 FA+ Oreste, Lee, Ponton, Simpson, Pellegrini, Rocca-Pellegrini & guests
FAN 32 Heterogénesis A special edition of the magazine Heterogénesis about FA+ in Swedish, Spanish and English. Malmö, April 1999 FA+ Narea
FAPPLCNIBG 31 Just for the Record An exhibition about the project ‘Contagion’ in The Royal Academy (IASPIS) Stockholm, December 1998 FA+ Pellegrini, Ponton, Lee, Casmo Info, Nikkola & IBG students
FALPS…30 The London Dinner A Dinner Event and Video-installation in the Gallery The Rich and Famous London, October 1998 FA+ Lee, Ponton, Simson & guests
FAPM…29 DinnerOnDinner A Dinner Event and Video-installation in Chiaravalle Milano, March 1998 FA+ Pelegrini, Mocellin & guests
FAM 28 The Art of Survival Photo-suite / installation in the windows of a jeans shop Stockholm, February 1998 FA+ Maruri
FAU 27 And The Winner Is. We transformed the Stockholm Poetry Festival into the Scandinavian Poetry Contest at The Royal Dramatic Theatre. Stockholm, December 1997 FA+ Uhrwing
FAS 26 CITAT The August Strindberg’s quotations as a permanent art piece in the city. 800 meters of stainless steel letters on asphalt, Drottninggatan. First step of the endless work The Universal Library Stockholm 1998 FA+ Strindberg
FAH 25 Utgång (Exit) A huge container-installation with sound at Haga Gallery, Solna Stockholm, May-Aug 1997 FA+ Hellner
FAPLP…24 Contagion = The Other 17 artists working in Malmö and at Malmö Art Museum and a Tabloid on the theme ‘Contagion’ curate by FA+ Malmö, May 1997 FA+ Pellegrini, Lee, Peirone, Aros, >>
>> Casmo Info, Peirone (jr.), Simpson, Ponton, Mocellin, Baruchello, Bonfanti, Castillo, Christensson, Sonneson, Arntsberg, Nikkola, Greko, Danielsson-Tham, Berg, Lynch, Capelán & Giesecke
FA 23 Re-Toasted More toasted bread. Installation for ‘Cosmopolis’, Röda Sten, Gothenburg, March 1997 FA+
FANH 22 Cyber-Smitta The ‘Smitta’ (Contagion) web project. Internet, since March 1997 FA+ Nikkola & Hansen
FA 21 Toasted Installation with toasted bread at Stockholm Art Fair Stockholm, March 1997 FA+
FA 20 For the Elite Only Installation with fences and door-keepers in a Stockholm Night-club Stockholm, November 1996 FA+
FAKP 19,5 recept Recipe book, about ‘Contagion’ as a catalogue for the exhibition below at Modern Art Museum. Stockholm, Oct 1996 FA+ Kalle & Per
FAC 19 Middag.doc Video and bacteria installation, in ‘Contagion’ in Modern Art Museum Stockholm, Oct 1996 – Feb. 1997 FA+ Castillo
FAGNS…18,5 Om Smitta A Seminary about Contagion at ABF. Stockholm, October 1996 FA+ Giesecke, Greko, Lee >
> Nordström, Shubert, Arnstberg, Danielsson-Tham, Wallenstein, Bovalius, Escandell, Nikkola, Casmo Info & Sonesson
FAPHE…18 The Dinner Event A dinner and a video-recorded event (in project ‘Contagion’) in Stockholm, October 1996 FA+ Pellegrini, Hartman, Eizin, >
> Lee, Escandell, Wrånge, Capelán, Peirone, Castillo,Casmo Info, Nieckels, Engblom, Lundström, Sonesson, Gustafsson, Nikkola, Hensjö, Storsäter, Arnstberg, Bovallius, Nordström, Greko, Danielsson-Tham & Schubert
(sub) FA-03 Manuscript Large copies of Strindberg’s manuscripts glued onto a main street Stockholm, August 1996 FA+
FA 17 Dig a Loo Large installation with public toilets in the central park during the Stockholm Water festival Stockholm, August 1996 FA+
FA 16 Say Hello An in and outdoor installation about Mankind Uppsala, June 1996 FA+
FALL 15 Spaghetti á la Bosnolaise Large installation out of polythene pipes, manikins and heavy sound, in Stockholm’s central park. Stockholm, May 1996 FA+ London & Lee
FAS 14 El-Arab Internet-project by Casmo Info Internet, March-96 FA+ Sonesson
FAH 13 Stockholm 2 Video installation in the Art Fair Smart Show Stockholm, March 1996 FA+ Hellner
FAH 12 Stockholm 1 Video installation in the Academy of Fine Arts. Stockholm, January 1996 FA+ Hellner
FAH 11 Floating Video-sound-installation in a large boat Stockholm, November 1995 FA+ Hellner
(sub)FA-02 Shadows Paintings on the streets with shadows of artists looking like Strindberg Stockholm, August 1995 FA+
FAW 10 A Wind Called Progress An archaeological representation of wind as a cultural phenomenon, an installation with the wings from an wind-power station and objects that creates wind Uppsala, June 1995 FA+ Wetter
FAW 9 House of Cards We decided to build a monument with the fences in the shape of a card house: A monument to fragility Stockholm, May 1995 FA+ Wetter
FAW 8 We Care! på riktigt A charity organization collected clothes for the people of Gothenburg Stockholm, May 1995 FA+ Wetter
FAW 7 You Are Here Based in the Brouwer’s fixed-point theorem. We painted red spots in anonymous locations around the city (and in an art gallery) Stockholm , October 1994 FA+ Wetter
(sub)FA-01 Citat (Quotations) Quotations from Strindberg painted on one of the main streets (Drottninggatan) Stockholm , August 1994 FA+
FAWPM 6 Water Five installations about water in a water-mill Uppsala, June 1994 FA+ Wetter, Pellegrini & Miles
FAWPM 5 L’Art de Triomphe An arch of triumph (16 m high and 18 m wide) constructed using 24 containers. The arch functioned as a cultural space in a central park with the soundtrack and performance under direction of BoomCrash (Hellner & Herlöfsson) Stockholm, May 1994 FA+ Wetter, Pellegrini & Miles
FAW 4 No Trespassing Multiple sculptures composed of double fences were placed in ten different locations around the city. Stockholm, March 1994 FA+ Wetter
FAWP 3 Il Cadavere Squisito A life-sized figure of a sitting woman made completely out of bread. She was placed in the middle of Piazza San Marco, for the Venice Biennial, to be eaten by birds. And the poetical end of that story Reliquias, exhibited in Stockholm 1994 Venice Biennial 1993 FA+ Wetter & Pellegrini
FAW 2 Igloo Igloo built out of 52 refrigerators, each of these contained an assembly made out of garbage, and a performance Stockholm, May 1993 FA+ Wetter
FAW 1 White Shadows 55 white human sized figures. They were fastened onto trees in the city Stockholm, February 1993 FA+ Wetter
FAWE 0 Stockholm for Sale Large images (45 m x 45 m) projected on the facade of a skyscraper in the heart of Stockholm Stockholm, November 1992 FA+ Wetter & Eriksson

Lectures, seminars, guest-professors, workshops, etcetera.

Lecture + film and photo show – Kaliningrad Taken Over – February 18, 2018

Lecture + drawings and paintings show En bild om dagen – Ingrid, December 9, 2017

Lecture + photo show, Recovered Saudades, Studio FA+ open scene. About Gustavo’s photography work from 1968 to 1979. November 18, 2017

Lecture + film and photo show – UFO’s Over Mallorca – Gustavo, October 08, 2017

Lecture/workshop A/R/Tography for resarchers and teachers at FFU at Stockholm University – November 29, 2017

Lecture/workshop Art in public space, Kulturskolan Gävleborg – October 30, 2017

Lecture/workshop The extended room, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet and Swedish Naturum , Naturum Falsterbo – October 18, 2017

Lecture/workshop – ART FOR REAL in public space, Storsjöteatern Östersund, Västernorrland

Lectures each semester since 2012 – 2015 –at Konstfack University college, Ingrid: responsible for postgraduate studies for artist-led activities in schools, Gustavo:  lecturer in how to construct a presentation-portfolio

Artist-talk after showing the movie about FA+ PÅ RIKTIGT  with Karin Malmquist, at Moderna Museet in Stockholm June 6, 2014

Artist-talk after showing the movie about FA+ ARTE VERDAD La Bienal de Habana, Habana Vieja, Cuba, May 2014

Artist-talk after showing the movie about FA+ ARTE VERDAD Palais de glas, Buenos Aires Argentina Feb 2014

Lecture About the process with the Central Public Art work  honoring author Sara Lidman, in Rotundand at Stockholm central Library, Oct 1, 2013

Seminar and workshop Artists-led activities in schools– respondings and positions   Nordiska akvarellmuseet, Skärnamn, 15 Aug, 2013

Seminar How Art makes a difference? Art in Society –  Konstmuseet i Norr, Kulturens hus, Luleå,  Apr 2013

Lecture and Workshop Communicating science – For a doctoral course at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm – February 2013

Lecture The work of FA+ – For Sweorna in FA+ Studio April and November 2012

Seminar Representation in Art – FA+ in talk with three other artist at ABF Gothenburg, Okt 2011

Lecture FA+ and the Art World – Residence San Michele at the Swedish Vice Consulate, Capri, Italy, September 2011

Lecture  FA+ Including the Public in the Artwork – Kulan/ Tonspråk at Boulevardteatern,  May 2011

Lecture FA+ Art as method for learning Public Work, Konsthögskolan Stockholm, Royal Art Academy, April 2011

Lecture New-Colonialistic Strategies in the Art World – Residence of the Cultural Attaché of the Argentine Embasy in Asunción, Paraguay, March 2011

Lecture New-Colonialistic Strategies in the Art World – Highschool of Visual Arts, University of Asunción, Paraguay, March 2011

Lecture FA+ Public Work, Enskedegårds gymnasium highschool, Stockholm, March 2011

Lecture FA+ Recovering Spaces – The Royal Art Acadeny, Stockholm, February 2011

Lecture FA+ Public Work in highschool, ST Eriks gymnasium, Stockholm, 2009 and 2010

Lecture FA+ Public Work – Carl Malmsten’s Design School, Linköping University, November 2009

Seminary and workshop Women and war – A visual art project for the Regional Advisors for the Visual Arts of Västerbotten, Österbotten, Västernorrland, Sweden – Finland May 2009

Lecture Comunicate with art – The Room, innovation and tradition. Mälardalens Högskola, Eskilstuna, October 2008

Debate Honour debate, research and censorship – With Prof. Pernilla Ouis ans Almaeuropa at FA+ Studio, Stockholm, September 2008

Lecture Cultural planning and art in public space, Konstcentrum, Gävle, Sweden May 2008

Lecture Communion, Religion and Food in the Work of FA+ at St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity, Valletta, Malta, May 2007

Lecture and hearing for SKISS: Rannsakning II – Konstfack, Stockholm , November 2006

Lecture about FA+ Colaborative Art Projects for Kontinua III – Nordiska akvarellmuseet, Tjörn, Sweden, October 2006

Workshop Ibsen Sitat with students from Oslo’s schools to select quotations of the author, Oslo, April 2006

Workshop How to Gild at the Art Center Wifredo Lam, Havana, March 2006

Lecture about Art in the street at the National Center of Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, July 2005

Lecture about The Mythical Foundation of Kaliningrad at the National Center of Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad, July 2005

Lecture on The Urban Landscape at Södertörns Highschool, Stockholm, April 2005

Workshop about To frame a Nation – National Identity at the Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, June 2004

Seminar about FA+ works From Strindberg-citat Stockholm to Ibsen-sitat Oslo , Voksenåsen, Oslo Sep 2004

Seminar on Art in Buenos Aires Umeå Fine Arts Academy May 2004

Seminar and open debate about Situationism organized by ABF and Paletten in Gothenburg Sep 2003

Seminar and open debate organized by NIFCA and the international Biennial in Gothenburg August 2003

Lecture about Art in Belgrade at the Academy of Fine Arts , Umeå, 2003

Seminar and debate at ABF Gothenburg Feminism and international artists in Scandinavia June 2003

Six lectures for Intercult Visual arts in public spaces in Nov-Dec 2003

Lecture at Forsberg Design School How to communicate to in Stockholm Sep 2003

Guest professors, Mentors and Extern Examiners for the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, Master degree of Arts 2002-2003

Four lectures at Intercult Visual arts in public spaces, in Feb. – March 2003

Lecture about FA+ at Work at the Bellas Artes Museum, Buenos Aires November 2002

Lecture about Urban Art at City Art Hall, Belgrade, July 2002

Lecture FA+ Works at the Art Academy of Belgrade, July 2002

Lecture at Uppsala University , Art is not a Science May 2001

Lecture at Graphic School in Stockholm To run a project February 2000

Seminar in the Italian Pavilion, at the Oreste Project in the Venice Biennial, July 1999

Lecture Guest Professors at Uppsala University , The view of the artists Protein engineering, Oct – Dec 1998

Workshop The Other at Malmö Art Museum, Malmö, May 1997

Workshop Smitta at FA+ Studio, October 1996

Seminary about contagion as a metaphor Om Smitta at ABF Stockholm, October 1996

Workshop Citat: 1800 m stencil FA+ studio, Stockholm 1994

Workshop Works on water, Eventa at Ekeby Qvarn, Uppsala 1994

Workshop To fill L’Art, FA+ studio, Stockholm, May 1994


Curatorial Works

Ljus och mörker A PILOT for Stockholm city and county – Youngsters in colaboration with artists, making indoors and outdoors instalations outside Sven Harrys konstmuseum, outside LAVA Kulturhuset Sergelstorg. December 2010.

SIKB (r) Creators and curators of South’s International Art Biennial, group show in the public space of Söder neighborhood, Stockholm , in collaboration with INTERCULT. September 2003.

Examensutställning 2003 Group exhibition for the Umeå Fine Arts Academy at the Royal Art Academy ’s exhibition space, Stockholm , Sweden , August 2003.

Ideologuia 2 Group exhibition, Swedish participants for the 2nd Nordic Art Biennial at Röda Sten Art Space, Gothenburg , Sweden – May-August 2003.

Examensutställning 2003 Group exhibition for the Umeå Fine Arts Academy at BildMuseet, Umeå , Sweden , May 2003

Contagious // Lunch Live An Art Event, Video-installation and a Seminar in the Italian Pavilion, at the Oreste Project in the Venice Biennial, July 1999.

Just for the Record Group exhibition in The Royal Academy (IASPIS) Stockholm , December 1998.

Contagion = The Other Group exhibition at Malmö Art Museum and a Tabloid on the theme ‘Contagion’, Malmö, May 1997.

recept Recipe book, about ‘Contagion’ released in Moderna Museet, Stockholm , October 1996.

Om Smitta A Seminary about Contagion in ABF Stockholm , October 1996.

The Dinner Event Inter-disciplinary Art Event, Stockholm , October 1996.

Water Five installations, at Ekeby Qvarn Art Space, Uppsala , June 1994

L’Art de Triomphe Multi-medial Art Event, Stockholm , May 1994.


Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre
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