Lev! (Live!)

A multiple work of art

In the city of Umeå, North of Sweden, FA+ new art installation Lev! (Live!) a gigantic work devoted to the memory of Sara Lidman. An artwork to view, hear, feel, and walk through.

The design of the new station creates a new urban space in Umeå. The artwork does not just decorate the new passage to the station and the Haga neighborhood but embrace it and is the new passage itself.

The Umeå Township in cooperation with the city’s Transport Administration commissioned of the work.

The Glass Wall

The trees, wood, the forest, are central in the literature of Sara Lidman. The principal part of the artworks Live! is a glass wall that is 170 meters long and covers an area of​​750 square meters,making it one of Europe’s largest glass artwork.The wall consists of 186 double glass sheets where each glass is a unique art piece.

The images motives are taken on a train ride from Missenträsk – Jörn (farther North, where Sara was born and grew up) to Umeå,where she lived her last years. The photos of the trees in the forest (mostly birch, typical from North Sweden), are processed so that they have become almost abstract when looked from close distance, they become a forest again when looked from the distance.They are printed directly on the glass with a new technology with UV and water resistant colors and with photo quality (state-of-art technology).

The sound tracks

The wall is illuminated from within and contains 16 audio channels; four of these channels are interactive, when touching a certain point on the glass different sound tracks are started: Sara Lidman reading one of her poems; Sara Lidman talking about the war in Vietnam, the apartheid in South Africa and other issues that she cared about and fight against; you can hear the sound of the clock at the family house and also listen to the word list from peasant to Swedish read by a neighbor of Missenträsk Lars Sundqvist, who grew up with her and a dear friend of her, actress Lena Granhagen.

The soundtrack is on 24 hours a day, every day.

The illuminated sign

When Sara Lidman signed her books she added the word Live! as a call to encourage the people to deal with life and live it out fully. Same handwriting returns in monumental size in the form of a polished stainless steel metal sign at the end of the passage where one self it is reflected in the word Live! while approaching the stairs to the platform.

Sara Lidmans quotations on the street

And then, what it was the beginning of the entire project: Sara Lidman’s quotations on the asphalt of the new cycle path in the passage as Sara Lidman Society wanted.

11 citations are on the track, carefully laid with a new technique developed for Umeå. The citizens where invited to propose quotation in the Society’s home page. Many suggestions have come in with large amounts citations. The Sara Lidman Connoisseurs in consultation with FA + corrected and selected thirty three of them.

Whit this work Umeå has become the fifth city in the world that celebrates a deceased writer through his text in the open public space for new generations of readers. The latest volume in the FA + THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY called Live!

Quotations in Braille
A piece of wood to both see and feel with the hand. The quotation in Braille is made of wood blued by the sun and weather. The old wood sat on Sara Lidman’s shed in her country house.

Live! bench
Made of concrete with heating and LED lighting, a place to wait, rest or meet. Another sample of Sara Lidman’s handwriting as the basis for a sculpture that also functions as a elements for street space.


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