House of Cards

House of Cards was placed in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, in May 1995, based on the idea of an enormous but extremely fragile construction that could easily fall apart if one of its components was removed. The idea was to place a fence in its natural environment, but at the same time to re-make a “ready-made” by redefining its meaning. Without it losing its identity, it would become a part of a larger work, without it taking on the main importance. By placing it in one of Stockholm’s most highly trafficked areas, it wouldn’t pose a threat, or a barrier, yet at the same time it would nonetheless show the border’s ambiguous fragility.

One hundred and seven fences were arranged so that people were obliged to walk through them instead of being hindered from passing through them.


House of Cards was despite its monumental dimensions, (30 meters long, 6 meter wide and 15 meter high) virtually invisible in daylight. People who visited the park first noticed it when they were standing right beside it. In the evenings however, the piece had a fantastic volume, like a floating castle, thanks to its lighting that made it exceptional in its solitude against the dark sky.