L'Art de Triomphe

L’Art de Triomphe

STOCKHOLM | 27 – 31 MAI 1994

The “Artch” was, of course, a paraphrase of the Europeans triumphal monuments, but a temporal one, a low budget celebration, when in times of economic recention nothing was to celebrate. It was a gigantic construction: 16 m. high x 18 m. long x 6 m. wide, and nearly 100 tons heavy, done with 24 sea-containers, with the doors facing the front, which allowed us to use each container as a small stage, which we did.

Beside the spectacle of the construction itself and the magnificent view of the “Artch”, we did several performances, including multimedia shows, installations into the containers, sound collages and live concerts during the 14 days that was standing in the very heart of Stockholm: Kungsträdgorden, the most visited park in the city.

The “Artch” made a sensational impact in Stockholm’s cultural life, and gave a completely new meaning to the term “street art”.

L’Art de Triomphe was build again for “Den Haag Sculptur – Giants” curated by Marie Jeanne de Rooij, Den Haag, Holland June – September 2004

And again in Barcelona, Spain, in the new port of the city, for “Interferencia”, curate by Juan Eduardo Lopes and “Marató” at Port Nou, July 2005


Den Haag 

Barcelona L'Art de Triomphe