A video and objects installation for the permanent collection of the Malmö Art Museum. Curated by the director of the museum, Göran Christensson. 

Videos and objects collected along the project Smitta. Stockholm – Malmö – Chiaravalle – London – Venice – Milan / 1995 – 2007. Installed at Malmö Konstmuseet, Sweden, in May 2007

The installation is a concentrated documentation of the project Smitta (Contagion) developed by FA+ through the years 1995 – 2000.

The project included the collaboration of a large number of participants from different countries and disciplines that in one way or the other worked with contagion: Artists, ethnologists, biologists, researchers, semiotics, experts in biological weapon, experts from the Institute for Contagion’s Prevention and many, many others.

Already from the start the project Smitta brought a new and revolutionary way of thinking in Swedish art; using Contagion as a social metaphor, above the medical meaning (at a time when everybody’s only concern was AIDS) into a bread social aspect (at a time when social issues into art where completely passé and out of fashion, according to the art critics) and through bringing new conceptions like collaboration work, interdisciplinary, network building, process based project and so on, in everybody’s mouth today but unknown, ignored and disliked at that time.



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